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Note: NTSC DVD-R discs of the Expos are available. Inquire about the price. DVD-Rs work in most players, but please check your documentation before ordering.



After much delay, I'm proud to announce distribution of the Fresno Commodore User Group videotape covering C= shows of 2002. In about 2 hours and 30 minutes of video, you get to see the Netherlands Commodore Show of June, 2002; the AmiWest 2002 Show (only the part with Jeri Ellsworth of CommodoreOne receiving her birthday gift); and the Vintage Computer Festival 5.0.

The video is available only in NTSC VHS tape or NTSC Beta tape. The cost is $9 US, including priority mail within the U.S. (inquire for international rates).

You can pay by check, money order or PayPal. Send me an e-mail for more details.


What you get to see:

Renowned C= people as Gideon Zweijtzer, Ruud Baltissen, Dirk Klettke, Hans Kessels, and others, and plenty of Euro C= equipment at the Netherlands Commodore Show.

Jeri Ellsworth opening up her birthday PAL C64 at the AmiWest Show (o.k., part of the gift opening... the videocamera was mainly used to record Bill McKwen's speech about Amiga, which was happening at the same time).

Cameron Kaiser, Hans Franke, VCF organizer Sellam "Sam" Ismail, Bill Bosari. And... Jeri Ellsworth meeting up with famous Amigans like R.J. Mical and Dale Luck, Jeri meeting up with Cameron and Hans, Jeri giving her 1-hour talk in front of the VCF crowd (Yow! I think I have way too much tape on Jeri!) Plus video on the Commodore KIM-1, HyperLink running with a UDS-10 adapter, Commodore ChessMate, kids playing with the Commodores at the FCUG table, extreme close-ups of the CommodoreOne Rev. 0 prototype board, the fancy Saturday dinner with the vendors (including Cameron, Sam, Bill, Dale, and others), and the many and varied tables at VCF.


What you don't get to to see:

Darn! I can't find my video of the U.K. Commodore Expo 2002 with Allan Bairstow and Shaun Bebbington. However, when I do find it, I'll send it off to everyone who orders the current tape.

The rest of Amiga CEO Bill McKwen's keynote speech at AmiWest. Technically not having to do with Commodore, the 1-hour speech is available on tape for an added cost.

Video of the Classic Gaming Expo 2002. I only took still photos of that event (and I have yet to make a written report of it, too).

The "little moments" at VCF... my McDonald's breakfast with Ed Hart of the Commodore Hayward User Group... Jeri winning the programming prize at VCF... the "run-in" I had with another vendor (name withheld to protect the innocent).

Huh? Run-in? What's that, you say? The setting -- in front of the VCF table, the CommodoreOne prototype sitting on the table, powered up and displaying its C= screen. The conversation went something like this:

Vendor: Did your daughter do this?

Me: (pause) Uhhh... my daughter?

Vendor: Yes, your daughter?

Me: (pause) My daughter? Do what?

Vendor: The CommodoreOne.

Me: (beginning to realize what he is saying) My daughter?

Vendor: You know... Jeri.

Me: (frozen smile on face) Uhhh... well, Jeri developed the CommodoreOne, but she isn't my daughter.

My ultimate reaction to all of that... hmm, that was interesting!!! If I had more of an ego, I suppose that would have shot it down. :-)

--Robert Bernardo



The Fresno Commodore User Group is proud to present videos from the SWRAP Chicago Commodore Expo 2003 of October 11 and the Vintage Computer Festival 6.0 of October 12. Catch up on the latest happenings, on the real excitement from these two shows.

From the Chicago Expo, watch the demonstrations/talks (listed in parentheses) from such luminaries as Dave Moorman (Loadstar Tower), Dave "Watson" Ross (Playstation-to-C= controller adapter, dance pad connected to Commodore, and Metal Warrior 4), Dale Sidebottom (Commodore Scene heavy-duty power supply, Godot, and the C= Linux box), Robert Schwuchow (BMP slideshow), Leif Bloomquist and Jeff Ledger (telnet BBS and CBTerm), Oliver ??? (Contiki), Robin "Macbeth" Harbron (Retro-Replay, RR-Net, Contiki, and Minima role-playing 3.5K game), Mark Seelye (with Per Olofsson's RSVP card game), Jason Compton (Synth C=art music synthesizer), Jeri Ellsworth (C-One/CommodoreOne), Jim Butterfield (KIM-1 history and book publishing), Greg Nacu (E-mail for WiNGs 2.0 and Movie Viewer 1.0 for WiNGs), and Roger Lawhorn and Steve Grassman (C= Linux box). Also catch in the background such people as Maurice Randall (CMDKEY products), Raymond Day (programmer/hardware hacker), Adrian Gonzalez (programmer), Joe Palumbo (C= software/hardware sales including Super Snapshot v5), Craig Levay (C= enthusiast), and others.

From VCF, watch the goings-on of people, like organizer Sellam Ismail (notably narrating the coding competition), Bill "Tekmage" Bosari and Dale Luck (Amigans at their exhibits), and Larry Anderson (winning the coding competition on his Commodore and demonstrating Contiki).

Four hours and forty minutes (four hours of Chicago, forty minutes of VCF) on two VHS or Beta videocassettes (NTSC only). See all the triumphs, the flubs, the sheer spectacle of all these shows. Price -- $11 U.S., including priority mail within the U.S.. Prices higher for Beta cassettes or for international mailing. Check or money order accepted, made out to FCUG/64um. PayPal available; just send me an e-mail for the specifics.

Mailing address will be provided by return e-mail.


Classic Gaming Expo 2003

Now available for the cost of the videotape and postage is the video of Jeri Ellsworth's C1 remarks at the July 27 Saturday banquet. Also you will get a brief look at the Classic Gaming Expo 2003 held in Las Vegas in August. Video is available on NTSC VHS or Beta cassettes. Just send me an e-mail.

--Robert Bernardo

Fresno Commodore User Group

FCUG on Videocam


CommVEx (Commodore Vegas Expo) 2005

The CommVEx 2005 video is available for your viewing enjoyment. See such amazing sights as

* Dave Ross speaking about the general state of C= and also Web 2.0 
* Cameron Kaiser on UDS-10, HyperLink, Mah-Gong, and Geotrope 
* Jimmy Dice showing his hacked C64 DTV to Jeri Ellsworth 
* Bilgem "Nightlord" Carik talking about the PAL scene 
* The premiere of the game, Spork 64 
* Bilgem showing more PAL demos 
* Larry Anderson talking about the C2N232 adapter 
* The CommVEx raffle winners 
* Rolf Miller transferring Write Stuff files to PC text files with the use of Star Commander 
* Bruce Thomas converting a CMD hard drive to use a magneto-optical drive 
* David Holz and Metal Dust

The CommVEx 2005 video is available on NTSC DVD-R, VHS tape, or Beta tape. For information on how to get the video, send e-mail to
Robert Bernardo.

CommVEx info at and click on CommVEx


CommVEx (Commodore Vegas Expo) 2006

Live or relive the excitement of this year's July 29-30 Commodore Vegas

Expo now! The CommVEx v2 2006 video is available for your viewing enjoyment. Gaze upon such astounding sights as:

* Rolf Miller detailing the use of Star Commander
* Yul Haasman with a MIDI music discussion
* Greg Alekel and his C64-on-a-FPGA project
* Jeri Ellsworth and Bo Zimmerman driving the Hummer DTV
* Larry Anderson on file transfer methods
* Jeri again, talking about MPEG-2 video on the C64, the Hummer DTV, and
the Williams home arcade machine
* Roller derby!
* Glenn "ShadowM" Holmer talking about Stereo SIDs and then demonstrating Prophet64
* Earl Williams giving an impromptu concert on the MIDI keyboard
* Dick Estel on VICE
* Larry A. again, demonstrating the Flash Attack networked game for the Commodore

The CommVEx v2 2006 video is available on NTSC DVD-R, VHS tape, or Beta tape. For information on how to get the video, send an e-mail to Robert Bernardo.


Emergency Chicagoland Commodore Convention 2006

The Emergency Chicagoland Commodore Convention 2006 video is available for your viewing pleasure. After much delay, this video chronicles the sights and sounds and demonstrations at the September 30 ECCC. Video by Craig Ernster and Robert Bernardo; edited by Craig Ernster. Watch demonstrations by Craig Ernster on copy protection and copiers, David Murray on DTV hacking, Chris "The Wiz" on DirMaster, Craig Ernster again on the 1541-Supercard.

The ECCC 2006 video is available on NTSC DVD-R, VHS tape, or Beta tape. For information on how to obtain the video, send me an
e-mail to Robert Bernardo. 


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