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This page has brief comments on some of Dick Estel's favorite artists, plus links to individual tribute pages for some of them. For those who do not have an individual page, there are links to other resources on the Internet. There are also links to Amazon, where you can purchase DVDs and music mentioned here.

"The late 50's and early 60's was the beginning of young America starting their personal record collections…each individual, not realizing, has kept a diary of themselves in the form of music - how they laughed, cried, fell in love, good and bad times, all related to the words and music in their songs."
                       --CD Baby web site

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Chuck Berry

Chuck Berry probably should have been the king of rock & roll, with his original guitar licks and an insinuating voice that made a routine school day sound sexy. Trouble with the law kept Chuck off the charts after a string of hits, but he endures as an icon of early rock & roll. Click for our tribute to Chuck, including a 75th birthday photo. 

Dick's Chuck Berry Tribute Page

Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash was always country, always rock & roll, always impossible to categorize and hard to pin down. No one on this page had a longer career when it comes to chart popularity. Anytime you thought he was no longer relevant, he reinvented himself. Although he's gone from the earth, it seems likely that our great great grandchildren will still listen to Johnny Cash. Meanwhile, we can enjoy Joaquin Phoenix' performance as Cash in "Walk the Line."

Official Johnny Cash Site          Walk the Line

Sonny Curtis

Most people have not heard of this artist, but millions around the world have heard him sing. Sonny Curtis wrote and performed "Love Is All Around," the theme to The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

He performed with Buddy Holley before his days of fame, and joined The Crickets after Buddy’s death. His greatest success came as a songwriter. He wrote "I Fought the Law," a big hit for the Bobby Fuller Four, and also recorded by The Clash, Hank Williams Jr. and many others.

All Music Guide categorizes Sonny Curtis as "traditional country," which is certainly debatable.

Official Sonny Curtis Site

Fats Domino

Fats Domino was an unlikely teen idol, really a New Orleans Rhythm and Blues crooner who captured the hearts of America. His reworking of old standards ("My Happiness," "Blueberry Hill"), and his dozens of originals, like "Ain't That a Shame" and "Walkin' to New Orleans," gave him a string of top ten hits that lasted through the early rock & roll years. 

Dick's Fats Domino Tribute Page

Everly Brothers

Rockers didn’t think country was cool—until they heard the Everly Brothers. Phil and Don put a couple dozen great songs on the charts in the 50’s and 60’s; and reunited in the 80’s to bring us some more of that great harmony. Click on the link for pictures, links and more.

Dick's Everly Brothers Tribute Page

Buddy Holly

Nearly fifty years after his death, with a miniscule two year recording career, Buddy Holly's legacy seems secure. Members of the Crickets sustained a lifetime career on the strength of their association with Holly. He's been honored with a tribute CD, "Not Fade Away" and those of us who came of age to the sounds of "Peggy Sue" and "That'll Be the Day" will never forget him. The biopic, "The Buddy Holly Story," captures a little of the excitement of those times.

Dick's Buddy Holly Tribute Page          The Buddy Holly Story

Jerry Lee Lewis

When he was just starting out, Jerry Lee Lewis' bible belt relatives warned him that he was headed straight to hell. Jerry Lee's attitude seemed to be, "If that's what it takes..." He took us along on a crazy ride starting with "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On," and we officially declare him the Wild Man of Rock & Roll. When he slipped off the rock charts, he drew on his rural roots to forge a long and successful career in country music. You can't see his youthful antics anymore, but Dennis Quaid gives a memorable recreation in the biopic "Great Balls of Fire."

Great Balls of Fire          History of Rock & Roll

Little Richard

Little Richard declared that he was the King of Rock & Roll (it was really Chuck Berry). But despite an ego as big as his voice, Richard Penniman was responsible for some of the most powerful and solid rock and roll ever made. You can hear his early work in such films as "The Girl Can't Help It."

Dick's Little Richard Tribute Page          The Girl Can't Help It

Carl Perkins

"Well it's one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, now go cat go!" Can anyone deny the depth of emotion in those lyrics? No matter, they captivated us back in the 1950s, and launched a lifelong career for Carl Perkins. Although he was virtually a one-hit artist, he continued to perform and was recognized as a rock & roll pioneer. His signature hit, "Blue Suede Shoes" reached number two and spent 21 weeks on the chart. He was a big inspiration for the Beatles, who covered a lesser hit, "Match Box." And of course, his songs appeared on the iconic Sun label.

Carl Perkins Bio

The Platters

Simply the greatest vocal group of the rock era. The incredible voice of Tony Williams, backed by the smooth doo-wop of the rest of the group, produced some of the most heavenly music of all time. This link takes you to my Platters page with more comments, pictures, and links.

Dick's Platters Tribute Page

Elvis Presley

You can’t say enough, and anything you say is not enough. He was one of only three recording acts by which phenomenal success is judged. Who's bigger than Sinatra, bigger than Elvis, bigger than the Beatles? No one. Pictures, links and our own Elvis tribute are a click away.

Dick's Elvis Presley Tribute Page          Elvis Presley Videos

Doug Sahm

The head Texas Tornado, the Mover from Mendocino, singer of blues, country, rock and whatever else he wanted to sing, Doug Sahm was one of a kind. Doug passed away in the fall of 1999, leaving a huge void in the massive structure called Texas music.

Doug Sahm Information


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