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Time is running out! Most albums are being liquidated and this page will be gone by the end of 2019. Check out our premium items on Discogs.

Albums are listed in alphabetical order by artist. They have been handled with reasonable care, but there may be an occasional defect. Many of these are albums that I have had for 50 years or more, and some were acquired used. Most are mono unless otherwise indicated. Items with an asterisk have one or two cuts with defects as described at the bottom, but are otherwise as graded.

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Country 45s Pop 45s Rock 45s Compact Discs


f: fair; g: good; vg: very good; e: excellent

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Asleep at the Wheel The Wheel ex 5.00  
Bare, Bobby Drunk and Crazy ex 5.00  
Bellamy Brothers Howard and David ex 5.00 Curb
Broonzy, Big Bill The Bill Broonzy Story (5 disk box set) vg 5.00 Verve
Brothers Four Rally Round g 2.00 Columbia
Cash, Roseanne Rhythm and Romance ex 2.00 Columbia
Chenier, Clifton Out West ex 2.00 Arhoolie
Compagnons de la Chanson Les Compagnons de la Chanson (featuring "The Three Bells") (10-inch) g- 3.00 Columbia
Compagnons de la Chanson Les Compagnons de la Chanson (featuring "The Three Bells") (12-inch) vg 5.00 Capitol
Conniff, Ray Concert in Rhythm g 1.00 Columbia
Conniff, Ray Say it With Music g 1.00  
Creedence Clearwater Revival Credence Gold vg 5.00 Fantasy
Creedence Clearwater Revival More Credence Gold vg 5.00 Fantasy
Denver, John Farewell Andromeda vg 3.00 RCA
Diamond, Neil Moods g 1.00  
Ely, Joe Musta Notta Gotta Lotta vg 3.00 Southcoast
Fabulous Thunderbirds Butt Rockin' vg 3.00  
Forbert, Steve Alive on Arrival Ex 2.00 Nemperor
Ford, Tennessee Ernie The Star Carol G+ 1.00 Capitol
Ford, Tennessee Ernie This Lusty Land G- 1.00 Capitol
Haggard, Merle It's All in the Game ex 2.00 Epic
Haggard, Merle Back to the Barrooms ex 4.00 MCA
Haggard, Merle The Best of the Best vg 4.00 Capitol
Haggard, Merle Pancho and Lefty (with Willie Nelson) ex 5.00 Epic
John, Elton Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player vg 3.00 MCA
Jones, George Encore ex 2.00 Epic
Kingston Trio Goin' Places g 2.00 Capitol
Kristofferson, Kris The Silver Tongued Devil vg 2.00 Monument
Kristofferson, Kris Songs of Kristofferson vg * 2.00 Columbia
Lightfoot, Gordon Cold on the Shoulder vg 2.00 Reprise
Lightfoot, Gordon Sundown g 2.00 Reprise
Lightfoot, Gordon Summer Side of Life vg 2.00


Lightfoot, Gordon Sit Down Young Stranger (AKA If You Could Read My Mind) vg 2.00 Reprise
Lightfoot, Gordon Old Dan's Records vg 2.00 Reprise
Lightfoot, Gordon Don Quixote vg 2.00 Reprise
Limeliters The Slightly Fabulous Limeliters vg 3.00 RCA
Mathis, Johnny Open Fire, Two Guitars g- 2.00 Columbia
Mathis, Johnny The Rhythms and Ballads of Broadway (double LP) g 4.00 Columbia
Mathis, Johnny Live it Up! vg 2.00 Columbia
Mathis, Johnny Swing Softly g 3.00 Columbia
Nelson, Willie Pancho & Lefty (with Merle Haggard) ex 5.00 Epic
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Dream g 2.00 United Artists
O'Day, Anita Anita Swings Cole Porter g 1.00 Verve
Owens, Buck Sweethearts in Heaven (includes other artists) 2.00 Starday
Parker, Graham Squeezing Out Sparks ex 3.00 Arista
Poco Rose of Cimarron vg 3.00 ABC
Poco From the Inside g 2.00  
Poco Rose of Cimarron Ex 5.00 ABC
Prine, John

Bruised Orange

vg 2.00 Asylum
Prine, John Common Sense vg 2.00 Atlantic
Prine, John Diamonds In the Rough vg 2.00 Atlantic
Reeves, Jim The Intimate Jim Reeves g 1.00 RCA
Robbins, Marty The Song of Robbins g 2.00 Columbia
Roman Holiday Stand By ex 3.00 Arista
Ronstadt, Linda Don't Cry Now vg 3.00 Asylum
Sayer, Leo  Silverbird vg 2.00 Warner Bros
Seger, Bob Live Bullet (double album) ex 4.00 Capitol
Skaggs, Boz Boz Skaggs vt 3.00 Atlantic
Stills, Stephen Stephen Stills 2 vg 1.00 Atlantic
Strait, George  Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind ex 3.00 MCA
Taylor, James


vg 3.00 Columbia
Tazmanian Devils The Tazmanian Devils vg 4.00 Warner Bros
Three Dog Night


vg 1.00 Dunhill
Williams, Hank The Great Hits (AKA The Hank Williams Story) (2 LPs) g 8.00 MGM
Winters, Jonathan Down to Earth g 1.00 Verve
Winters, Jonathan Movies Are Better Than Ever g 1.00 Verve
Winwood, Steve Arc of a Diver ex 3.00 Island
Woolley, Bruce Bruce Woolley & The Camera Club vg 3.00 Columbia
Young, Faron The Young Approach g* 1.00 Capitol
Young, Faron This Is Faron g 1.00 Mercury

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Songs of Kristofferson: "Why Me" skips

Faron Young The Young Approach skips on "The Part Where I Cry;" otherwise plays OK


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Country 45s Pop 45s Rock 45s Compact Disc
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