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Special Offer: 600 Rock & Roll Oldies LPs 1950s - 1960s

My friend Pat M. is liquidating his collection of top quality, high value vinyl LPs. The entire lot is available for $500 plus shipping. Pat has no computer access; if interested email me a phone number and Pat will call you and answer any questions you may have.

Prices have been reduced to $1 per album ($2 for doubles), with a few exceptions as shown in the "Price" column. Shipping costs will be determined based on weight and destination. 

Albums are listed in alphabetical order by artist, but there are a number of compilation LPs listed under Various Artists.

Although not all albums are graded, they are typically in good or better condition. They have been handled with reasonable care, but there may be an occasional defect. Many of these are albums that I have had for 50 years or more, and some were acquired used. Most are mono unless otherwise indicated. I will be happy to play and grade any album on request. Items with an asterisk have one or two cuts with defects as described at the bottom, but are otherwise as graded.

Send Email to check availability. Be sure to include a relevant subject line.  Email with no subject is usually spam and may be automatically deleted. Include your ZIP code to help determine shipping costs. Payment via PayPal is preferred. This lets you use your credit card to pay. Money orders are also accepted.

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DJ: radio station copy; promo: promotional copy; WOL: writing on label; f: fair; g: good; vg: very good; e: excellent

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Armstrong, Louis Ella and Louis Again (w/Ella Fitzgerald) (double album) G* 2.00  
Asleep at the Wheel The Wheel   1.00  
Atkins, Chet A Session With Chet Atkins   1.00  
Atkins, Chet At Home   1.00  
Atkins, Chet Hi Fi in Focus   1.00  
Atkins, Chet Finger Style Guitar   1.00  
Atkins, Chet The Other Chet Atkins   1.00 RCA
Bare, Bobby Drunk and Crazy   1.00  
Basie, Count One O'Clock Jump                        f 1.00 Columbia
Bass, Sid Sound and Fury   1.00  
Beausoleil Parlez-Nous a Boire vg 1.00 Arhoolie
Belafonte, Harry  To Wish You a Merry Christmas   1.00  
Belafonte, Harry  An Evening With Belafonte               g 1.00 RCA
Belafonte, Harry  Belafonte                                  1.00 RCA
Bellamy Brothers Howard and David ex 1.00 Curb
Bennett, Tony The Beat of My Heart   1.00  
Berman, Shelly Inside Shelly Berman   1.00  
Big Daddy Meanwhile Back in the States   1.00  
Brothers Four Rally 'Round g 1.00 Columbia
Brewer, Teresa  Live at Carnegie Hall & Montreux   1.00  
Brown, Les The Jazz Song Book   1.00  
Bud & Travis Bud & Travis   1.00  
Burnette, Billy  Billy Burnette   1.00  
Burnette, Rocky  Heart Stopper   1.00  
Carr, Joe "Fingers" "Pee Wee" & "Fingers" (with Pee Wee Hunt) (sleeve poor) g 1.00 Capitol
Carroll, David Show Stoppers   1.00  
Cash, Roseanne Rhythm and Romance   1.00  
Chenier, Clifton Out West ex 2.00 Arhoolie
Cole, Nat "King"

Welcome to the Club

Cole, Nat "King" Every Time I Feel His Spirit    1.00  
Cole, Nat "King" Tell Me All About Yourself               1.00  
Cole, Nat "King"

The Man and His Music (not in original sleeve)

Cole, Nat "King"

The Very Thought of You               

- 1.00  
Cole, Nat "King" To Whom it May Concern           1.00  
Cole, Nat "King" Cole Español g 1.00 Capitol
Cole, Nat "King" A Mis Amigos g 1.00 Capitol
Como, Perry Como's Golden Records   1.00  
Compagnons de la Chanson Les Compagnons de la Chanson (featuring "The Three Bells") (10-inch) g- 3.00 Columbia
Compagnons de la Chanson Les Compagnons de la Chanson (featuring "The Three Bells") (12-inch) vg 5.00 Capitol
Conniff, Ray  It's the Talk of the Town   1.00  
Conniff, Ray  Memories Are Made of This   1.00  
Conniff, Ray  You Make Me Feel So Young   1.00  
Conniff, Ray  'S Wonderful g 1.00  
Conniff, Ray  'S Marvelous   1.00  
Conniff, Ray  'S Awful Nice   1.00  
Conniff, Ray  Broadway in Rhythm   1.00  
Conniff, Ray  Hollywood in Rhythm   1.00  
Conniff, Ray Concert in Rhythm   1.00 Columbia
Conniff, Ray Concert in Rhythm Volume II* F+ .50  
Conniff, Ray Say it With Music   1.00  
Creedence Clearwater Revival Credence Gold vg 2.00 Fantasy
Creedence Clearwater Revival More Credence Gold vg 2.00 Fantasy
Creedence Clearwater Revival The Concert (Erroneously issued as The Royal Albert Hall Concert) ex 3.00 Fantasy
Crenshaw, Marshall Marshall Crenshaw ex 2.00 Warner Bros
Crewe, Bob Kicks   1.00  
Crosby, Bing Songs I Wish I Had Sung g- 1.00 Decca
Crosby, Bing Blue Hawaii g- 1.00 Decca
Crosby, Gary The Happy Bachelor ex 1.00 Verve
Cummings, Burton Dream of a Child ex 2.00 Portrait
Denny, Martin Exotica g- 1.00 Liberty
Denny, Martin Quiet Village g 1.00  
Denver, John Whose Garden Was This g 1.00 RCA Victor
Denver, John Aerie g 1.00 RCA
Denver, John Farewell Andromeda vg 3.00 RCA
Diamond, Neil Moods g 1.00  
Dorsey Brothers  Last Moments of Greatness   1.00  
Dorsey, Tommy & Jimmy

Last Moments of Greatness              

Dorsey, Tommy & Jimmy The Fabulous Dorseys   1.00  
Dorsey, Tommy That Sentimental Gentleman (2 disk set) g 1.00 RCA
D'Rone, Frank After the Ball G 1.00  
Duke Jupiter Duke Jupiter 1   1.00  
Easy Riders Folk Songs by the Easy Riders g 1.00 Columbia
Edmunds, Dave DE7 ex 1.00 Columbia
Edmunds, Dave Twangin' vg 1.00 Swan Song
Edmunds, Dave Information vg 1.00 Columbia
Edmunds, Dave Get It ex 1.00 Swan Song
Edmunds, Dave Tracks on Wax ex 2.00 Swan Song
Elgart, Larry  Saratoga   1.00  
Elgart, Les  On Tour   1.00  
Elgart, Les  Elgart, Les   1.00  
Elgart, Les The Great Sound of Les Elgart g 1.00 Columbia
Elgart, Les For Dancers Only   1.00 Columbia
Elgart, Les Just One More Dance   1.00 Columbia
Elgart, Les Les & Larry Elgart & Their Orchestrat   1.00 Columbia
Elgart, Les The Band with That Sound   1.00 Columbia
Elgart, Les The Great Sound   1.00 Columbia
Elgart, Les The Most Happy Fella vg 1.00 Columbia
Ely, Joe Musta Notta Gotta Lotta vg 1.00 Southcoast
Fabulous Thunderbirds Butt Rockin' vg 1.00  
Faith, Percy  Bon Voyage!   1.00  
Faith, Percy  Jubilation   1.00  
Faith, Percy Viva g 1.00 Columbia
Faith, Percy Malaguena g 1.00 Columbia
Federated Indian Tribes (Indian Music) g 1.00  
Fisher, Eddie Thinking of You g 1.00 RCA
Fitzgerald, Ella Ella and Louis Again (w/Armstrong) G* 2.00  
Foley, Red Souvenir Album VG 3.00 Decca
Forbert, Steve Alive on Arrival Ex 2.00 Nemperor
Ford, Tennessee Ernie  A Friend We Have G+ 1.00 Capitol
Ford, Tennessee Ernie Hymns G+ 1.00 Capitol
Ford, Tennessee Ernie The Star Carol G+ 1.00 Capitol
Ford, Tennessee Ernie This Lusty Land G- 1.00 Capitol
Four Freshmen Voices and Brass g 1.00 Capitol
Four Freshmen Four Freshmen & Five Guitars g 1.00 Capitol
Four Freshmen Four Freshmen & Five Trombones g- .50 Capitol
Four Freshmen Freshmen Favorites g 1.00 Capitol
Four Freshmen Freshman Favorites Volume 2 g 1.00 Capitol
Four Freshmen Freshmen Year g 1.00 Capitol
Four Freshmen Voices in Love g 1.00 Capitol
Four Lads Greatest Hits ** .50 Columbia
Freberg, Stan Freberg Underground vg 1.00 Capitol
Freberg, Stan The Best of the Stan Freberg Shows (2 disk) g 2.00 Capitol
Gibson, Don No One Stands Alone g 1.00 RCA
Goodman, Benny The Benny Goodman Story (damaged) g .25 RCA
Goodwin, Ron Swinging Sweethearts g 1.00  
Gorme, Eydie On Stage g 1.00 ABC
Gorme, Eydie Amor (w/Trio los Panchos)   1.00  
Gray, Glen

Casa Loma in Hi Fi (1 song sticks; one skips)

g .50 Capitol
Gray, Glen Sounds of the Great Bands g 1.00 Capitol
Gray, Glen Sounds of the Great Bands Vol. 2 g 1.00 Capitol
Gray, Glen Swingin' Decade g 1.00 Capitol
Griffin, Ken 67 Melody Lane g 1.00 Columbia
Hagers, The  The Hagers   1.00  
Haggard, Merle It's All in the Game ex 1.00 Epic
Haggard, Merle Back to the Barrooms ex 1.00 MCA
Haggard, Merle The Best of the Best vg 1.00 Capitol
Haggard, Merle I'm a Lonesome Fugitive g- 1.00 Capitol
Haggard, Merle Pancho and Lefty (with Willie Nelson) ex 5.00 Epic
Hall, Tom T Greatest Hits ex 1.00 Mercury
Hamilton, Roy  Come Out Swingin'   1.00  
Hamilton, Roy  Have Blues, Must Travel   1.00  
Homer & Jethro Songs My Mother Never Sang g- 1.00 RCA
Homer & Jethro The Worst of Homer & Jethro vg 1.00 RCA
Hunt, Pee Wee "Pee Wee" & "Fingers" (with Joe Fingers Carr) (sleeve poor) g 1.00 Capitol
Hunt, Pee Wee Straight from Dixie g 1.00 Capitol
Hunter, Ian Welcome to the Club (double LP) ex 2.00 Chrysalis
Husky, Ferlin Boulevard of Broken Dreams g 1.00 Capitol
Ink Spots Time Out for Tears g 1.00 Decca
Ink Spots Torch Time g 1.00 Decca
Janse, Don  Sing and Rejoice g 1.00 Sesac
Jennings, Waylon Singer of Sad Songs vg 1.00 RCA
Jim & Jesse Comin' Home (with Carl Story) g 1.00 Springboard
John, Elton Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player vg 2.00 MCA
Jones, George Encore ex 1.00 Epic

Kaye, Mary Trio

Too Much! vg 3.00 Warner Bros
Kenton, Stan Sketches on Standards g 1.00 Capitol
Kenton, Stan The Formative Years g- 1.00 Decca
Kershaw, Doug Devil's Elbow vg 1.00 Warner
Kershaw, Doug Spanish Moss vg 1.00 Warner
Kershaw, Doug The Cajun Way vg 1.00 Warner
Kingston Trio At Large   1.00 Capitol
Kingston Trio College Concert (damaged) g .50 Capitol
Kingston Trio Goin' Places g 1.00 Capitol
Kingston Trio Here We Go Again!   1.00 Capitol
Kristofferson, Kris The Silver Tongued Devil vg 1.00 Monument
Kristofferson, Kris Songs of Kristofferson vg * 2.00 Columbia
LaBeef, Sleepy Nothin' But the Truth ex 3.00 Rounder
LaFlamme, David White Bird vg 1.00 Amherst

Laine, Frankie 

Command Performance vg 1.00 Columbia
Laine, Frankie

Concert Date

g- 1.00 Mercury
Laine, Frankie Reunion in Rhythm g 1.00 Columbia
Laine, Frankie Songs by Frankie Laine g 1.00 Mercury
Laine, Frankie That's My Desire g 1.00 Mercury
Lands, Elizabeth


vg 1.00 Mercury
Lewis, Jerry Lee Jerry Lee Lewis ex 2.00 Elektra
Lightfoot, Gordon Cold on the Shoulder vg 1.00 Reprise
Lightfoot, Gordon Sundown g 1.00 Reprise
Lightfoot, Gordon Summer Side of Life vg 1.00


Lightfoot, Gordon Sit Down Young Stranger (AKA If You Could Read My Mind) vg 1.00 Reprise
Lightfoot, Gordon Old Dan's Records vg 1.00 Reprise
Lightfoot, Gordon Don Quixote vg 1.00 Reprise
Limeliters Sing Out! vg 1.00 RCA
Limeliters The Slightly Fabulous Limeliters vg 3.00 RCA
Limeliters The Limeliters g 2.00 Elektra
Loggins & Messina Loggins & Messina g 1.00 Columbia
Loggins & Messina So Fine vg 1.00 Columbia
Los Lobos ...and a Time to Dance (debut EP; includes 1984 magazine article about the group) ex 5.00 Slash
Marterie, Ralph  Music for a Private Eye vg 1.00 Mercury
Marterie, Ralph  The Hits that Made Ralph Marterie & His Orchestra Famous g 1.00 Mercury
Mathis, Johnny  Heavenly (2 copies) vg 1.00 Columbia
Mathis, Johnny Open Fire, Two Guitars g- 1.00 Columbia
Mathis, Johnny The Rhythms and Ballads of Broadway (double LP) g 2.00 Columbia
Mathis, Johnny Live it Up! vg 1.00 Columbia
Mathis, Johnny Johnny's Mood vg 1.00 Columbia
Mathis, Johnny Warm g 1.00 Columbia
Mathis, Johnny Swing Softly g 2.00 Columbia
May, Billy  Sorta-May g 1.00 Capitol
McLean, Don American Pie vg 2.00 UA
Men at Work Cargo ex 1.00 Columbia
Miller, Glenn Glenn Miller Concert g 1.00 RCA
Monroe, Bill Classic Bluegrass Recordings Volume 2 ex 5.00 County
Moody Blues Every Good Boy Deserves Favour vg 2.00 Threshold
Morgan, George Morgan, By George vg* 1.00 Columbia
Morrow, Buddy  Night Train g 1.00 RCA
Murphy, Mark Hip Parade g 1.00 Capitol
Nash, Graham Wild Tales vg 1.00 Atlantic
Nelson, Willie Greatest Hits (and Some That Will Be) (Double LP) ex 2.00 Columbia
Nelson, Willie Willie & Family Live (Double LP) ex 2.00 Columbia
Nelson, Willie Pancho & Lefty (with Merle Haggard) ex 5.00 Epic
New Riders of the Purple Sage New Riders of the Purple Sage vg 1.00 Columbia
Nichols, Red & Five Pennies Dixieland Dinner Dance g 1.00 Capitol
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Dream vg 2.00 United Artists
 Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Will the Circle Be Unbroken (3 record set)   10.00  
O'Day, Anita Anita Swings Cole Porter g 1.00 Verve
Outlaws Ghost Riders vg 1.00 Arista
Outlaws The Outlaws vg 1.00 Arista
Owens, Buck Sweethearts in Heaven (6 songs by Buck & 6 Buck songs by other artists) g 1.00 Starday
Page, Patti Golden Hits vg 1.00 Mercury
Parker, Graham The Real Macaw ex 2.00 Arista
Parker, Graham Another Gray Area ex 2.00 Arista
Parker, Graham Squeezing Out Sparks ex 2.00 Arista
Peerce, Jan In Las Vegas vg 1.00 RCA
Peter, Paul & Mary In the Wind g 1.00 Warner Bros
Petty, Tom Hard Promises vg 3.00 Backstreet
Petty, Tom Long After Dark ex 2.00 Backstreet
Poco Rose of Cimarron vg 1.00 ABC
Poco From the Inside g 1.00  
Price, Ray

Heart Songs

g 1.00 Columbia
Prine, John

Bruised Orange

vg 1.00 Asylum
Prine, John Common Sense vg 1.00 Atlantic
Prine, John Diamonds In the Rough vg 2.00 Atlantic
Prine, John John Prine   2.00 Atlantic
Ramin, Sid Love Is a Swinging Word g 1.00 RCA
Ray, Johnnie Greatest Hits g 1.00 Columbia
Reeves, Jim The Intimate Jim Reeves g 1.00 RCA
Regimental Band of the Black Watch Scottish Splendor vg 1.00 RCA
Rene, Henri Compulsion to Swing g 1.00 RCA
Rich, Charlie The Silver Fox vg 1.00 Power Pak
Robbins, Marty The Song of Robbins g 1.00 Columbia
Rockpile Seconds of Pleasure ex 1.00 Columbia
Rodgers, Jimmie It's Christmas Once Again g 1.00 Roulette
Rodgers, Jimmie Twilight on Trail vg 1.00 Roulette
Rodgers, Jimmie Folk Songs g 1.00 Roulette
Roman Holiday Stand By ex 1.00 Arista
Ronstadt, Linda Don't Cry Now vg 1.00 Asylum
Sayer, Leo  Silverbird vg 1.00 Warner Bros
Scaggs, Boz Boz Scaggs vg 1.00 Atlantic
Seger, Bob Live Bullet (double album) ex 2.00 Capitol
Shaw, Artie Moonglow g 1.00 RCA
Shearing, George  Satin Affair g 1.00 Capitol
Smith, Keely Be My Love vg 1.00 Dot
Smith, Keely & Louis Prima Hey Boy! Hey Girl! g 2.00 Capitol
Stanley, Michael  Greatest Hints vg 1.00 Arista
Stanley, Michael  You Break it...You Bought it vg 1.00 Columbia
Stills, Stephen Stephen Stills 2 vg 1.00 Atlantic
Story, Carl Comin' Home (with Jim & Jesse) g 1.00 Buckboard
Strait, George  Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind ex 1.00 MCA
Taylor, James


vg 1.00 Columbia
Tazmanian Devils The Tazmanian Devils vg 1.00 Warner Bros
Thompson, Bob  Just for Kicks g 1.00 RCA
Thompson, Hank At the Golden Nugget vg 1.00 Capitol
Three Dog Night


vg 1.00 Dunhill
Travis, Randy Storms of Life vg 1.00 Warner Bros
Ullman, Tracey You Broke My Heart in 17 Places ex 2.00 MCA
Vale, Jerry

I Remember Russ

g 1.00 Columbia
Vale, Jerry I Remember Buddy g 1.00 Columbia
Van Horne, Randy  Sing a Song of Goodman g 1.00 MGM
Vaughn, Billy

La Paloma

g 1.00 Dot
Waller, Fats The Real Fats Waller g 1.00  
Weisberg, Eric

Dueling Banjos

g 1.00  
Williams, Andy  Christmas Present g 1.00 Columbia
Williams, Andy

Lonely Street

g 1.00 Cadence
Williams, Andy Moon River vg 1.00 Columbia
Williams, Don Greatest Hits ex 1.00 MCA
Williams, Hank The Great Hits (AKA The Hank Williams Story) (2 LPs) g 5.00 MGM
Williams, Roger

Almost Paradise

g 1.00 Kapp
Williams, Roger The Fabulous Fifties (2 LP) g 1.00 Kapp 
Winterhalter, Hugo Hugo Winterhalter Goes Gypsy g 1.00 RCA
Winterhalter, Hugo Hugo Winterhalter Goes Latin g 1.00 RCA
Winters, Jonathan Down to Earth g 1.00 Verve
Winters, Jonathan Movies Are Better Than Ever g 1.00 Verve
Winwood, Steve Talking Back to the Night ex 1.00 Island
Winwood, Steve Arc of a Diver ex 1.00 Island
Woolley, Bruce Bruce Woolley & The Camera Club vg 2.00 Columbia
Yoakam, Dwight Guitars, Cadillacs, Etc. Etc. ex 1.00 Reprise
Young, Faron The Young Approach g* 1.00 Capitol
Young, Faron This Is Faron g 1.00 Mercury
Zentner, Si Big Band Plays the Big Hits g 1.00 Liberty
Zentner, Si Introducing Si Zentner g 1.00 Bel Canto
Zentner, Si Swing Fever f .50 Bel Canto
Various Artist Collections

Note: Only a sample of artists on the Various Artists LPs are listed; send Email for a complete track list

Various Artists All-Star Country & Western Jamboree (Johnny Bond, Cowboy Copas, Hawkshaw Hawkins, Sonny James, George Jones, Webb Pierce) g 1.00 Starday
Various Artists

Big Hits, The (Johnny Cash, Lefty Frizzell, Stonewall Jackson, George Morgan, Ray Price, Charlie Walker, Johnny Horton)

  1.00 Columbia
Various Artists Christmas Festival of Stars (Johnny Mathis, Bing Crosby, HiLos, Norman Luboff)   1.00 Columbia
Various Artists Country Spectacular (Gene Autry, Collins Kids, Carl Smith, Don Cherry)   1.00 Columbia
Various Artists Goodies Volume 1 (Gordon Lightfoot, Grateful Dead, Jesse Colin Young, Van Morrison, Dion, T-Rex, Jimi Hendrix, Faces, Jethro Tull, Fleetwood Mac, Tony Joe White) g 1.00 Warner
Various Artists

Hall of Fame Hits (Rosemary Clooney, Doris Day, Vic Damone, Percy Faith, Johnny Mathis)

vg 1.00 Columbia
Various Artists Jazz Omnibus (Eddie Condon, Louis Armstrong, Dave Brubeck, Miles, Davis) vg 1.00 Columbia
Various Artists Metronome All Stars (Harry James, Ziggy Elman, Benny Goodman, Stan Getz, Nat Cole, Gene Krupa) g 1.00 Harmony
Various Artists Oldies but Goodies Volume 10 (Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Fats Domino, Shirelles, Frankie Avalon) vg 1.00 Original Sound
Various Artists Remember How Great (Tony Bennettt, Rosemary Clooney, Patti Page, Jo Stafford, Andy Williams) g 1.00 Columbia
Various Artists The Streak (Dixie Cups, Bill Justice, Jeannie C. Riley) g 1.00 Power Pak
Various Artists Valley Grown (Fresno area artists) g 1.00 KYNO

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Soundtrack and Original Cast Albums

Lincoln Center Cast Annie Get Your Gun (with Ethel Merman)   1.00  
Movie Cast Carousel   1.00  
Movie Soundtrack Dr. Zhivago * 1.00  
Broadway Cast Flower Drum Song   1.00  
Movie Cast The King and I (several tracks have bad scratches) f 1.00  
Broadway Cast Kiss Me Kate   1.00  
Broadway Cast Li'l Abner   1.00  
Movie Cast Mary Poppins   1.00  
Movie Cast My Fair Lady   1.00  
Movie Cast The Music Man   1.00  
Movie Cast Oklahoma   1.00  
Movie Cast Sound of Music   1.00  
Movie Cast South Pacific   1.00  
Broadway Cast South Pacific   1.00  


Ella & Louis: Together Again (Double album): Record is on the low side of Good; definitely better than Fair (a Good minus?) The sleeve is a bit better than Fair.

Four Lads: Istanbul & Moments to remember have skips but play through; No Not Much skips; other songs play OK

Songs of Kristofferson: "Why Me" skips

George Morgan last cut on side 2 skips (it's a lame song anyway)

Si Zentner Swing Fever has several skips

Dr. Zhivago has a skip on side 2, but plays through it.

Faron Young The Young Approach skips on "The Part Where I Cry;" otherwise plays OK

Benny Goodman Story has deliberate scratches through "Sing, Sing, Sing" and ""And the Angels Sing." Rest of album plays fine.

Kingston Trio College Concert has bad skip at the start of side 2; otherwise album plays OK

Concert in Rhythm II has bad spots in two songs, but plays through them

**Items marked "free" are free with any purchase.

 How to buy

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