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45's, Vinyl Albums, and CD's For Sale

This material is from my personal collection, which has grown too large for an aging man whose children have no interest in inheriting it. I want to put these items into the hands of someone who will get the same enjoyment from them that I have had.

Prices have been reduced to 50 cents per record for 45s, and $1 for albums, with a very few exceptions. Shipping costs will be determined based on weight and destination.

Having a 50s party? Several people have asked about getting a bunch of records to use as decoration. For this purpose, I can provide 25 records for $10, plus shipping. Normally the total price is $16 for U.S. shipping. I pick the records; if you want specific items, they will be priced as listed. Records may include those listed as free or having minor defects. While I'm happy to sell you records this way, you can often find stacks of records in thrift stores for five or ten cents each.

Virtually all pre-1965 records are mono. Virtually all later albums are stereo. There are hardly any stereo 45's except a few from the 70's or 80's. If it makes a difference, ask first! Some records have tape or stickers on the label, writing on the label or other similar "features." I tried to mention these, but I do not guarantee that every such record is fully described. If it matters, ask first! 

With one or two exceptions, there's just one of each record. You may send Email to reserve an item.
Important: Include the artist name or record title in the Email subject line. Also include your ZIP code to help determine shipping costs. 

Payment via www.paypal.com is preferred, but money orders are also accepted. If you're just sending a request for information, be sure to put a subject line in your Email; otherwise it may get deleted as spam.

Almost all records are graded. Read more about grading here and here. Click here for shipping costs. And for more information about these records in general, click here.

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U.S. shipping costs will depend on weight and distance. You can estimate approximate international rates at the US Postal Service web site. Remember I have to add something for packing and other overhead costs.

Payment Methods

You may pay by money order, or on line via Paypal. This allows you to pay from your bank account or by credit card.


I have used the grading descriptions published by DISCoveries magazine, the premiere magazine for record collectors. I included a "+" and a "-" in each category. A vg+ record is one step below e-, not quite excellent. I taped many of these records in preparation for the sale, at which time I graded them. When I started, I did not believe in using + or - variations, but as the project progressed, I realized there were records in each category that needed further description. All grading is by ear; I have no confidence at all in visual grading.

Some records are not graded. Send Email if you'd like a grade for any of these. Please note that many listed grades are for the hit side of the record only.

A Few More Comments on Quality

Here's a hint: A few records that I thought were a G- had clicks that were caused by a visible spot; when I wiped them with a damp cloth, they turned into G+ or VG. Records that sounded like G or less when I taped them sitting right in front of the speaker sounded a lot better when played back in a typical casual listening environment. In other words, minor defects are more noticeable if you're listening for them.

Interesting note: Many records have pits and bumps pressed into the surface. This means they could never have been considered mint!

Click here for DISCoveries' complete description of the different grades.


In pricing records, I consulted Jerry Osborne's Official Price Guide to Records (9th Edition) and Goldmine's Rock & Roll 45 RPM Record Price Guide (3rd Edition). Discount prices may be negotiated for large quantities.

More About Grading

SS: Still sealed

M: Mint. The record and sleeve are in original, unsealed condition. They may have been played, but will have no visual or audible deterioration.

EX: Excellent. This record may show slight signs of wear and use, but will have almost no audible defect. Sleeves in this condition may show marginal deterioration that will keep them from being graded mint, but will not have any repairs, or pen or pencil markings.

VG: Very Good: Records will be noticeable less than perfect. They obviously have been played, but the damage is not visually or audibly distracting. Minor scuffs and slight surface defects may be present. Background ticks and hiss are minimal. Sleeves may show some slight ring wear and may have minor creases. Seams will be intact unless they have separated due to failure of manufacturer’s gluing agent.

G: Good. This record will have both visual and audible distractions, but will still be playable. The record and sleeve will show visual wear and moderate use. Sleeves will show ring wear, but will not be physically damaged.

F: Fair. This record is visually and audibly distracting. It will still play although obviously damaged and will not have skips, but may have "play through" scratches. It is still usable. Sleeves will show heavy ring wear and some minor physical damage.

P: Poor. This record is one step away from the trash. It may or may not play. The sleeves are faded, torn, holed, marked, or otherwise damaged beyond pleasurable viewing. Anything worse than this condition should be classified as bad.


DJ: Radio station copy
EP: Extended play (usually a 4-song 45 rpm)
PS: Picture sleeve
SOC: Sticker on cover
SOL: Sticker on label
TOL: Tape on label
WOL: Writing on label

(From DISCoveries Magazine)

The Story Behind the Story

In 1995, I accepted as true the following assumptions:

1. I will not live forever

2. Considering #1, I will never have time to listen to all my CD's, LP's, 45's and tapes often enough to justify keeping every one of them

3. My daughters are not looking forward to inheriting 13 Nat King Cole 45's, much less Kenyon Hopkins "Blues From the Fugitive Kind"

4. Somewhere in the world is someone who WOULD like to own these titles, as well as many others.

This led to the obvious decision: Go through my collection of 45 RPM records that began in 1955, decide which ones to keep and which ones to sell, and offer them for sale. This project occupied much of my free time for two months, during which time I played and graded nearly every record and set a price.

I have always taken good care of my records, but some of them were acquired used, and some were handled by people who were not as careful as I. In general, the typical record is in good or very good condition. With the  low prices I am charging, all sales are final unless the record arrives damaged.

Many of the older titles have adhesive tape with my name and personal catalog number on the label (sorry, I was young and foolish). Quite a few records are radio station copies. Some of these have writing or stickers on the label. With a few exceptions, I have not identified these variations nor made any allowance in the pricing, because I believe that the only thing that really counts is what's in the groove. If these things concern you, inquire first!

A record marked "reissue" is the original recording, but a later pressing, often part of a "greatest hits" reissue series like RCA's Gold Standard discs. "Re-recording" means the record was recorded later than the familiar/hit recording.

Most 45's are in heavy duty sleeves, with artist and titles typed on a label in the upper left corner. Original sleeve means a generic sleeve with the label name printed on it. EP's are in original covers unless indicated by "plain sleeve." One Elvis record is in a generic RCA Elvis sleeve (no record title, standard center hole). I think this is the only record where this situation occurs. Albums are in original covers unless otherwise noted. About 80% of the albums have plastic or plastic and paper inner sleeves. Original inner sleeves are noted where significant.

CD's have been handled with exquisite care, stored in jewel boxes when not in the player, and are in virtually mint condition. All are in jewel boxes and have original liner notes unless otherwise indicated.

How to Buy

Rock 45 Pop 45 Country 45 CD Albums


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