Bob & Hazel Estel, kids, grandkids, great grandkids, 1999

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Effective July 6, 2016 these update pages are no longer being maintained. They were always intended for my own reference more than for visitor use, and it seemed like a good idea at the time. However, I have found I don't consult this data enough (virtually never) to justify the effort.


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No longer maintained

9/6/12: On Estel genealogy page, updated employment status

2/15/12: On Watkins page, added link to Watkins History page

2/14/12: On Mason page, made a couple of minor corrections; changed Mason 42 (photo) to a larger version; created and uploaded Watkins History Page.

2/13/12: On Genealogy page, did some minor editing and corrected bad links; on Family Page include page, added link to Genealogy home page; on Gasche page, did some minor editing of text and photos; on Estel page, did minor editing and added 4 photos; on Mayer page did minor editing

2/12/12: On Clifton page, removed reference to "new" photos that were added about 2009; on Mason page, updated descendent charts; on Watkins page deleted references to using Acrobat reader; replaced photo of Nancy Kimmel with a better one; updated old links; updated descendent charts

2/6/12: On Watkins genealogy page, updated a photo

7/22/09: On Mason page, added date of Hazel Mason Estel's death; corrected two bad photo links

2/13/09: On Gasche page, added two new photos

12/22/07: On Gasche Photo ID page, changed to a better photo with names on the photo; same on Dickason Photo ID page; on Gasche page changed to better Gasche & Dickason family photos and changed ID links to photos, not a separate page; on Clifton page corrected spelling of Elizabeth Burnham's last name (from Burney)

11/18/07: On Estel page, updated information regarding passing of Hazel Estel, and employment activities of Tim, Teri & Rod.

10/28/07: On Clifton page, added six new photos and links to William Clifton & Aletha Gasche obituaries; changed dedication to John L & Elizabeth Burhman Clifton; on Gasche page, added one photo and link to obituaries

10/16/07: On Estel page added two new photos

8/30/07: On Estel page added link to Bob & Hazel descendent chart

8/5/07: On Watkins Genealogy page, added three new photos, changed photos to larger size where possible and did some color correction

8/4/07: Corrected errors on Bob Estel page; added link to Bob Estel tribute on Estel Genealogy page; created and uploaded Hazel Estel page

7/28/07: On Estel page, added four new photos; added photos to this page

7/17/07: On Watkins News page, corrected links to

6/11/07: On Mason, Mayer, Estel & Clifton pages, added top photos & corrected a bad link (also corrected link on Watkins & Gasche

11/3/06: On Watkins Family page, added name of the husband of Harriet Blake, Silas Emmet Osterhout; added descendent chart for Richard Blake & Camila Eddy; added link to this page and internal link to photos; added text descriptions to photo properties; added "top photos"; on Genealogy Home Page removed irrelevant information regarding Watkins newsletter; corrected erroneous photo link; added "top photos"; on Gashe Family Page, added missing text descriptions to photo properties; added "top photos"

9/28/06: Corrected error in Richard Estel marriage date on Estel page

9/13/06: Created and uploaded new Mason page to

9/12/06: Created and uploaded new Mayer page to

9/11/06: Added link to Fulton County OH GenWeb site to the Genealogy page; created and uploaded new Clifton page to

9/10/06: Dickason Photo ID page created; Gasche Family page created; link to Change page added to Clifton, Estel, Gasche & Watkins; moved Genealogy Home Page to


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