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This site provides links to other sites that support the classic Commodore 64 and 128 computers, and a collection of related articles from newsletters. (See Newsletter Article Archive)

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Products and Services

Note: Some of these pages have not been updated for several years and the service may no longer be available, but as long as the links work, the listing will be retained for historical purposes


Convert Commodore text files to PC text

Newsletter Article Archive Jim Drew's CBM Stuff
Computer Bargain Store: Old software for Commodore, Amiga and other older platforms Commodore Timeline How to Find a Commodore-Friendly Internet Provider
(Ancient and probably outdated)
Multi-Cart from 8-Bit Designs Bo Zimmerman's GEOS Page The Commodore Tool List (Emulators, Converters, etc.)
Commodore Show Videos CommodoreOne Cronosoft - Old and New Software
Commodore Server Lemon 64 - Commodore Game Downloads Xetec Lt. Kernal Hard Drive Support
Amiga Forever Commodore Games on-line AmigaKit
MCC-216 Multi-Platform Gaming 1541 Ultimate Drive Floppy Disk Source
VDC Mode Mania (Slide Show) SUX 6400 Sound Digitizer Run Stop Restore
(book by Lenard Roach)
Carlsen Electronics (Commodore Repair) Protovision (Game and Hardware Development)
Clubs and Organizations
Fresno Commodore User Group FCUG Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes Page 2     Page 3

Southern California Commodore & Amiga Network (SCCAN)
    Portland Commodore Users Group Active Commodore Clubs The Other Group of Amigoids (TOGA)
Sacramento Amiga Computer Club Commodore Users of Edmonton    
The Interface (FCUG Newsletter) Loadstar Magazine Covers

Commodore Free (UK Magazine; replaces Commodore Scene)

Dave Haynes Collection (a few thousand books, magazines, etc.) Book: On the Edge: The Spectacular Rise and Fall of Commodore: The Inside Story    Newsletter Article Archive
Articles Page 1 (HTML) Articles Page 2 (HTML) Articles Page 3 (HTML)
Articles Page 4 (HTML) Articles Page 5 (HTML) Memory Lane Article Series
MaiLink January 2001 (PDF File)
Run Stop Restore
(book by Lenard Roach)
C64 Wiki Book: Computer Wimp - 166 Things I Wish I Had Known Before I Bought My First Computer
Individual Pages
Bo Zimmerman Glenn Holmer Larry Anderson
Robert Bernardo Gaelyne Gasson Lenard Roach

Amiga     Vintage     Gaming     CommVEx     Chicago     Other

Commodore LA Super Show (CLASS) - April 13 & 14, 2024

Commodore Forum         Official Website          Roger Van Pelt C128 and Ham Radio          Pleasance - Vultures to Vampires         Gardner-Stephen and the Mega65

Game Competition          Stern and the book Amiga         Video & Photos from CLASS 2023          More CLASS '23 Photos          3rd Batch

PaCommEx - the Pacific Commodore Expo Northwest

Commodore Forum          Official Web Site          Bernie Innocenti / Amiga for C64 Users          Stephen Jones and the NABU PC

Photos          Video

Ami-West and other Amiga Expos
Ami West 2006 AmiWest 2007 Ami West Photo Page
AmiWest 2008 AmiWest 2009 AmiWest 2010
AmiWest 2011 AmiWest 2012    AmiWest 2013
 AmiWest 2018 Amigathering IX (Greece)      
Vintage Festival
Vintage Computer Festival 2000 Vintage Festival 2002
Vintage Festival 7.0 (2004) Vintage Festival 8.0 (2005) Vintage Festival 9.0 (2006)
Vintage Festival East 4.0 (2007) Vintage Computer Festival 2007 Vintage East 2009
Vintage East 2012 Vintage Computer Festival Europa 5.0 Vintage East 2012 Video
Vintage East 2014 Vintage East 2015 Photos   
Classic Gaming Expos
Classic Gaming Expo 2003 Classic Gaming Expo 2004 Classic Gaming Expo 2005
     Commodore Gaming E3 Party   
CommVEx (Commodore Las Vegas Expo)
CommVEX 2005 CommVEx 2006 CommVEx 2007
CommVeX 2008 CommVEx 2009 CommVEx 2010
CommVEx 2011 CommVEx 2012 CommVEx Road Trip 2012 (Slide show)
CommVEx 2013 CommVEx 2013 Photos & Videos
CommVEx 2014 Photos More 2014 CommVEx  Still More 2014 CommVEx
CommVEx 2015 CommVEx 2016 CommVEx 2016 Photos
CommVEx 2017 CommVEx Home Page CommVEx Discussion Group
CommVEx 2018 CommVEx 2019
Chicago Expos
Emergency Chicagoland 2006 ECCC Chicago Expo Chicago Expo 2000
     Chicago Expo 2001     
SC3 Party 2008 SC3 Arcade Party 2009 SC3 Arcade Party 2012
Block Party 2008 Block Party 2009 Block Party 2010
Toronto World of Commodore 2004 LUCKI Expo 2005 Cincinnati Expo 2007
MossyCon 4 MossyCon 5 Netherlands Commodore Show 2008
Commodore in the Lab Commodore 64 25th Anniversary Commodore in Germany
Notacon 2011 Atari Party 2013 Commodore LA Super Show (CLASS) 2019
CLASS 2021 CLASS 2021 Photos & Videos
Everything Else
History of Commodore Commodore Blog Commodore Graphic Conversions       
    P3    P4    P5    P6

P7    P8    P9    P10    P11

T.H.E. Fox Cartoons Lt. Kernal Hard Drive Data Archive Lego Commodore 64
LA Times Article on FCUG & Commodore Commodore preservation site Commodore History & More
Bernardo on the Road -  Great Britain Robert Bernardo in England Tribute to Dave Mohr (Lord Ronin) - Pix, videos & more Hamtext Cartridge Demo Virgil Leisure's Tower Commodore
   Two Commodores perform theme from Beverly Hills Cop   
Video Links
Commodore Videos on Line SX64 Commercial V3 CBM Engineer Bill Seiler at CommVEx
Jim Drew at CommVEx C64 to Linux Transfer UniJoystiCle for the C64
Using an Inkjet printer with a Commodore
GEOS Operating System User Port Pinout GoDot Program
geoCable Adapter Pinout 


GEOS HP Printer Drivers (Look for; inside this archive, look for drivers "hp deskjet hq", "hp dj color", hp dj color/2".cvt) and LaserJet (GC).cvt.


Commodore Server: Upload, manage, modify and share your D64 disks and files, collaborate on program development, talk about Commodore, and much more. The developer describes it as "like an app store...for Commodore computers."


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