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Commodore Computers

Active Commodore Clubs

AmiWest 2007
AmiWest 2008
AmiWest 2009

AmiWest 2010
AmiWest 2011

AmiWest 2012

Article Index (Commodore)

Articles Page 1

Articles Page 2

Articles Page 3

Articles Page 4

Articles Page 5

Atari Party 2013

Bernardo in England
Block Party 2008
Block Party 2009
Block Party 2010
Changes to Commodore Pages
Chicago Expo 2000
Chicago Expo 2001
Chicago Expo 2006
Cincinnati Expo 2007
Classic Gaming Expo 2
Classic Gaming Expo 2004
Classic Gaming Expo 2005
Commodore Gaming E3 Party
Commodore Netherlands
Commodore Menu
Commodore Article Index
CommVEx 2006 (Commodore Las Vegas Expo)
CommVEx 2007 (Commodore Las Vegas Expo)
CommVEx 2008 (Commodore Las Vegas Expo)
CommVEx 2009 (Commodore Las Vegas Expo)
CommVEx 2010 (Commodore Las Vegas Expo)
CommVEx 2011 (Commodore Las Vegas Expo)
CommVEx 2012 (Commodore Las Vegas Expo)
CommVEx 2013 (Commodore Las Vegas Expo)

CommVEx 2015 (Commodore Las Vegas Expo)

CommVEx 2016 (Commodore Las Vegas Expo)

CommVEx 2017 (Commodore Las Vegas Expo)
Commodore Information Center

Commodore 25th Anniversary
Commodore in Germany
Commodore Graphic Samples Page 1
Commodore Graphic Samples Page 2
Commodore Graphic Samples Page 3
Commodore Graphic Samples Page 4
Commodore Graphic Samples Page 5
Commodore Graphic Samples Page 6

Commodore Graphic Samples Page 7

Commodore Graphic Samples Page 8

Commodore Graphic Samples Page 9

Commodore Graphic Samples Page 10

Commodore Graphic Samples Page 11
Commodore in the Lab
Commodore Tower Computer
Consumer Electronics Show 2006
Emergency Chicagoland Commodore Convention
Expo Videos for Sale
FCUG Bylaws
FCUG Meeting Reports
Fender Tucker Makes a Book

File Conversions (Commodore to PC)
Fresno Commodore User Group
Fresno Commodore User Group Reunion Lunch
Game On!
Hamtext Cartridge Demo
Loadstar Photos
LUCKI Expo 2005
Meeting Location
Member Biography Articles

Memory Lane Articles
Notacon 2014

SC3 Gaming Party

SC3 Arcade Party 2009

SC3 Arcade Party 2012

Vintage Computer Festival 2000
Vintage Computer Festival 2002
Vintage Computer Festival 2005
Vintage Computer Festival 2006
Vintage Computer Festival 2007

Vintage Computer Festival East 2007
Vintage Computer Festival East 2009

Vintage Computer Festival East 2012
Vintage Computer Festival East 2014


Bob Estel Memorial
Changes to Family Pages
Family Home Page
Grandma Mason's Dress
Hazel Estel Memorial
Liddle Family
Making of the Sand Alien

Merrill's Mill
Michael Liddle
Neely Family

Upshaw Family
Watkins Family News
Watkins History

Watkins Newsletter 12 (PDF File)

Watkins Newsletter 13 (PDF File)


Changes to Genealogy Pages
Clifton Family

Estel Family
Gasche Family

Mason Family
Mayer Family
Watkins Family
Watkins History

Watkins Newsletter on Line


Changes to Hockey Pages
ECHL 2005-06 Final Standings and Playoff Results
ECHL 2006-07 Final Standings and Playoff Results
ECHL 2007-08 Final Standings and Playoff Results
Hockey Greats
Hockey Cup & Championship Winners from 2000
Hockey Links
Hockey Leagues of North America
Junior Falcons 2000-01; 2001-02
Las Vegas CAN AM Hockey Challenge 2012
Lightning Junior Hockey
NHL Minor League Affiliates

NHL 2002-03 Final Standings and Playoff Results
NHL 2003-04 Final Standings and Playoff Results
NHL 2005-06 Final Standings and Playoff Results
NHL 2006-07 Final Standings and Playoff Results

NHL 2007-08 Final Standings and Playoff Results
NHL 2008-09 Final Standings and Playoff Results
NHL 2009-10 Final Standings and Playoff Results
NHL 2010-11 Final Standings and Playoff Results
NHL 2011-12 Final Standings and Playoff Results
NHL 2012-13 Final Standings and Playoff Results

NHL 2013-14 Final Standings and Playoff Results
NHL 2014-15 Final Standings and Playoff Results
NHL 2015-16 Final Standings and Playoff Results

NHL 2016-17 Final Standings and Playoff Results

Mariposa Alumni Association

Alma Mater & Fight Song
Alumni Memories
Class Activities
Class of 1957 50 Year Reunion

Class of 1957 May 2013 Newsletter

Class of 1962 50 Year Reunion

Events & News

ID of Students in 1932 Photo
Mariposa Elementary Schools
MCHS Home Page
Member Profiles
Photo Gallery
Photo Name Identifications
Senior Dress-Up Day 1957
Student Loan Information


Changes to Miscellaneous
Essays and Other Writings
Fire 2000

Fun with Words

Ice Cream 9 Recipe


Mariposa County High School Alumni Association
None of the Above
The Rant
Turkey Ham
Video Trades
Words from Planets


Albums for Sale (Vinyl)
Artist Tributes
Berry, Chuck
Bluegrass Links
Bluegrass Odyssey

Buddy Holly
Buy from Amazon
CDs for Sale
Changes to Music Pages
Chuck Berry
Country Records for Sale
Domino, Fats
Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley CD for Sale
Everly Brothers
Fats Domino

Holly, Buddy
Jukebox Memories
Little Richard
Music Club
Music for Sale
Music - How to Buy
Music Links
Off the Wall Music Page 1
Off the Wall Music Page 2
Off the Wall Music Page 3
Off the Wall Music Page 4
Pop Records for Sale
Presley, Elvis
Rock Records for Sale
Top 100 Songs
Top 100 Songs Commentary


Changes to Outdoor Pages
Fire Photos & Information

Four Wheel Driving

Merrill's Mill
Nelder Grove Redwoods

Nelder Grove 2
Outdoor Home
Redwoods & Sequoias
Redwood Gallery


Arches National Park Slide Show
Artifacts 1
Artifacts 2

Artifacts 3

Artifacts 4

Artifacts 5
Barn Slides

Bluegrass T-Shirt Photos
Central California Re-Direct

Central Valley and Sierra Foothills

Central Coast and Coastal Mountains

Central Sierra Foothills Slide Show
Central Sierra Nevada

Changes to Photo Pages
Colorado Photos
Constant Dome Slide Show

Death Valley Photos

Dinosaur National Monument Slide Show
Eastern Sierra Nevada

Fender Tucker Makes a Book
Fire Photos & Information

Foothill and Mountain Plants

Grand Canyon Slide Show

Information about Photos
Journey of 2014 Photos


Kings & San Joaquin River Areas

Loadstar (Commodore Disk Magazine) Covers

Merrill's Mill
Midwestern States
Mother Lode Country
Nelder Grove Slide Show

None of the Above
Northern California
Oak Trees

Old Mariposa
Oregon Photos
Parkfield, CA
Parkfield Slide Show
Photo Index Page
Plants, Trees & Flowers - Other
San Joaquin River Gorge
San Joaquin River Gorge Slide Show
Sierra Foothills & Central Valley

Sierra Nevada Re-Direct
Sky and Cloud Slide Show

Slide Show Menu

Something Borrowed
Sonoran Deser
t Slide Show
Southern California
Southeastern US
Stuff about Photos



Western United States
What the Cow Did
Yosemite, Kings Canyon & Sequoia National Parks


Adventures of 2015 February to May
Adventures of 2015 June to December

Adventures of 2016 Part 1

Adventures of 2016 Part 2

Adventures of 2016 Part 3

Adventures of 2016 Part 4

Adventures of 2016 Part 5

Adventures of 2016 Part 6

Adventures of 2016 Part 7

Adventures of 2017 Part 1
Adventures of 2017 Part 2
Adventures of 2017 Part 3

Adventures of 2017 Part 4
Adventures of 2017 Part 5

Adventures of 2017 Part 6

Arizona & Bluegrass on the River 2003
Arizona-Southern California 2005
Bakersfield-Bullhead-Arizona-Joshua Tree 2007
Big Creek & Shaver Crossing

Bluegrass in the Foothills 2004
Bluegrass in the Foothills 2006
Bluegrass in the Foothills 2007
Bluegrass in the Foothills 2012

Bluegrass Odyssey
Bluegrass Tour 2009 (Brown Barn, Plymouth, Hobbs Grove)
Brown Barn, Watsonville & Hobbs Grove
Bullhead City Bluegrass, Mesa, Superstition Bluegrass 2004
California Flat Campout

Camping Trips
Canal Bank Walks
Changes to Travel Pages
Chillkoot & Stargazer Rock Camp 2011
Clovis Trails
Colorado Springs Hockey Tournament
Colorado Springs Cousin Convention 2015

Death Valley & Alabama Hills 2013
Early Trips
Eastern Sierra Journey 2007
Fall 2012 Hikes: Finegold Trail; Bower Cave
Fall & Winter Hikes of 2014
Frank, Pat, Dick & Ted's Excellent Adventure
Frog Camp 2007
Frog Camp 2008

Frog Camp 2009

Frog Camp 2011
Good Old Fashioned Buegrass Festival 2011
Good Old Fashioned Buegrass Festival 2013

Grand Canyon & Arches National Park 2015

Grand Canyon & Logandale Bluegrass 2003
Greeley Hill Road Trip

Hensley Lake Camp 2009
Hensley Lake Camp 2011
Hiking and Hockey
Huck Finn Bluegrass 2005
Huck Finn Bluegrass 2006
Journey of 2002 (Ohio & Back)
Journey of 2014
Journey of 2014 Photos
Kings River & Brown Barn 2011

Kings River 2012, Farmer's Market, Antique Fair

Lake Almanor & Mt. Lassen 2010

Lake Almanor & Caribou Crossroads 2013

Lake Almanor & Lassen Park 2017
Lake Havasu Bluegrass 2014
Lake Tahoe & Virginia City

Las Vegas CAN AM Hockey Challenge 2012

Las Vegas Commodore Expo 2006
Las Vegas Commodore Expo 2007
Las Vegas Commodore Expo 2008
Las Vegas Commodore Expo 2010
Las Vegas Commodore Expo 2011
Las Vegas Commodore Expo 2012
Las Vegas Commodore Expo 2015

Later Trips

Logandale Bluegrass & Utah Parks 2002
Logandale Bluegrass & Grand Canyon 2003
Los Gatos Canyon
Mojave National Preserve 2010
Mono Hot Springs

Monterey Jazz Festival 1961

Morro Bay 2006
Nelder Grove Hikes 2014

Nevada-Arizona Hockey & Bluegrass 2008
NORCAL Hockey Playoffs and Santa Cruz Visit

Northern California Redwood Hike

Northern Coast Journey 2011
Northern Coast Journey 2012

Oregon 2006
Parkfield Earthquake
Parkfield & Huck Finn 2003
Parkfield Bluegrass 2005
Parkfield Bluegrass 2006
Parkfield Bluegrass 2008
Parkfield Bluegrass 2009
Parkfield Bluegrass 2010
Parkfield Bluegrass 2011

Parkfield Bluegrass 2012
Parkfield Bluegrass 2013
Parkfield Bluegrass 2014
Parkfield Bluegrass 2015
Parkfield Bluegrass 2016
Parkfield Bluegrass 2017
Paso Robles & Parkfield 2004
Rambler Hikes 2015 Page 1

Rambler Hikes 2015 Page 2

Rambler Hikes 2016 Page 1

Rambler Hikes 2016 Page 2

Rambler Hikes 2016 Page 3
Rambler Hikes 2017 Page 1
Rambler Hikes 2017 Page 2
Rambler Hikes 2017 Page 3

Road Trip 2004 (Ohio & Back)
Rock Creek Non-Camp
Roundup 1 (Kings Canyon, Mother Lode, Yosemite)
Roundup 2009 (Vegas, Mariposa, Table Mountain, Orange County)
Roundup 2010
Roundup 2011 (Mariposa, Hensley, Table Mountain)
Roundup 2013 (Kings River Bluegrass, Buena Vista Peak Hike, Hensley Lake Camp, Mono Museum, White Rock Road, Hockey in Denver
Sequoia Park Hiking

Sentinel Dome Hike

Shaver Crossing & Big Creek

Sierra Foothills - Winter 2013
Sierra Foothills - Spring 2013
Snow Day with the  Upshaw's

Silver Stick Tournament 2013 - Canada
Southern Journey 2009
Spring Hikes 2014
Squaw Leap Hikes 2012
Stargazer Rock Camp 2005
Stargazer Rock Camp 2006
Stargazer Rock Camp 2007
Stargazer Rock Camp 2008

Stargazer Rock Camp 2009

Stargazer Rock Camp 2011

Stargazer Rock Camp 2012

Stargazer Rock Camp 2015

Stargazer Rock Camp 2016

Stargazer Rock Camp 2017

Summergrass 2010
Tahoe & Virginia City
Travel Blog 2017
Travel Menu

Wedding in Duluth

Winter Hikes 2014

Zion & Bryce Canyon National Parks

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